Alexandra Llewellyn:

bringing play to life

There are those who enjoy a game, and there are those who understand that there is magic in play. Since 2010, Alexandra Llewellyn has made an art of it.

Designer of beautifully crafted and intricately detailed games, Alexandra’s work makes play into something magnificent. From her famed Backgammon boards to poker sets, and from games tables to card boxes, each piece is conceived in London before being handmade by specialist artisans across the UK.

Every Alexandra Llewellyn Backgammon board passes through no fewer than nine craft workshops on its journey from idea to realisation. Using materials of peerless quality, always with sustainable origins and often in unusual combinations; her award-winning designs are canvases for meticulous marquetry, delicate hand painting and bewitching print.The results are testament to Alexandra’s passion, uniting diverse disciplines to create singularly refined objets d’art. These are treasured heirlooms of the future.

Inspired by the games played (and the bonds made) as a child with her step-grandfather in the backstreets of Cairo, Alexandra’s love of Backgammon has been lifelong. As familiar in ancient Rome as in the smoky lounges of 70s Hollywood, Alexandra was enamoured by the pastime’s ability to transcend language, culture and generations; for her, Backgammon would become a form capable of endless narrative. Enchanted by the game’s inherent poetry of proportion, the harmonious geometry of its pieces and their movements, Alexandra’s training as a fine artist saw her apply that material expertise to a medium she had loved since childhood.

Today, Alexandra Llewellyn’s signature designs – instantly recognisable for their craft as well as their distinctive style – have homes across the globe. Translating her clients’ worlds and wishes into mesmerising and characterful objects,Alexandra’s bespoke games are commissioned by prestigious luxury brands as well as internationally well-known figures and royalty.

‘Alexandra Llewellyn's talent and designs are second to none. The boards and games are entirely unique and exceptionally beautiful and Alexandra's professionalism and attention to detail made the collaborative design process a very positive experience.

We are proud of our partnership with Alexandra Llewellyn and her team, and it is wonderful to see our guests using and enjoying their bespoke Jumby Bay Island Wari boards’.

Jumby Bay, Antigua

‘I have just received the board- it is far more beautiful than I imagined it would be. The quality and detail is astounding. You are absolutely right; it really does have to be appreciated in person! Thank you so so much for rushing this order and for all the thought and attention you gave my project and for tracking it all the way to Singapore!’

P.H., Singapore

‘I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating a unique, customized work of art for the backgammon lover in my life – it was truly the once-in-a-lifetime gift that I was seeking. Your ability to meld special messages into the design of the backgammon board, your phenomenal attention to detail, and the world-class quality of your work all combined to create a true work of art that will remain a family heirloom for generations to come.’

D.B., London

‘Working with Alexandra to create our personal backgammon board has been a real pleasure. She took inspiration from our lifestyle and created a bold, modern design that we are so proud to play with and have on display. Everyone who sees it is blown away by the quality, creativity and the amount of effort put into the board. Her design, service and attention to detail are second to none and we look forward to one day having a reason to purchase another one from her!’

H.H., Monaco

‘My husband says it is the most special present he has ever received, and for me it has given me so much pleasure going through the design process with you and then finally giving it to him. Thank you so much; it couldn‘t be more ‘bespoke‘ and it will be treasured forever.‘

Katherine, US

‘It is without a doubt, the most thrilling present I have ever given to my wife. Her tearful reaction said it all. The thought that not only the incredibly special game of backgammon, but what is now a piece of beautifully crafted artwork in our house will be now passed down in our family for generations still to come is such a joy. Alexandra was an absolute pleasure to work with, and end result was over-whelming beautiful.’

L.C., UK

'It‘s undoubtedly the best gift that I‘ve given to someone, and I‘ve wanted to thank you again for your amazing work‘ ‘It is even more wonderful than I imagined, and we are both completely thrilled with it. You have done it all so beautifully; the design, construction etc. I keep on wanting to go back into the room to look at the many exquisite details again.’

‘I just returned from a business trip to Switzerland. The backgammon board had arrived a bit earlier. Wow!! It is absolutely beautiful. Honestly, it just about took my breath away. We are VERY pleased and thank you very much for such a wonderful and unique piece.’

J.S., Maryland, US