25 Nov 2019



This month we want to celebrate the life and work of Terry O’Neill, one of Britain’s most iconic photographers and with whom Alexandra had the privilege of creating one of her favourite collaborations, the Goddesses board. 
Terry’s talent is behind some of the most famous photographs of the 60s and 70s stardom. His career spammed over 60 years and saw him capture the likes of The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Nelson Mandela and many other personalities of film, music, sports and politics. 
For their collaboration, Alexandra spent days going through Terry’s extraordinary archives, until they settled on the idea of creating a board featuring some of the exceptional women he photographed and decided to call it the Goddesses’ board. 
The board features, bottom left to top left, anti-clock wise: 
1) Audrey Hepburn:  Actress 'How to Steal a Million', Paris 1966. 
2) Jean Shrimpton: English supermodel Jean Shrimpton wearing a PVC dress and stockings, circa 1973 
3) Twiggy: English supermodel, wearing a fur coat in Knightsbridge, London 1974 
4) Jacqueline Bisset: British actress Jacqueline Bisset in a photo studio, circa 1970s. 
5) Goldie Hawn: American actress Goldie Hawn poses in a short pale green dress, 1970. 
6) Honor Blackman: English actress on the set of James Bond ‘Goldfinger’ 1964 
7) Candice Bergen: American actress on the set of Guy Green’s movie ‘The Magus’ 1967 
8) Raquel Welch: American actress Raquel Welch on a table in her knickers in 'Myra Breckinridge', a 1970 
9) Jean Shrimpton: British model Jean Shrimpton is walking barefoot on King's Road in Chelsea, London, 1963. 
10) Brigitte Bardot: French actress during the filming of 'The Novices' (Les Novices, 1970) directed by Guy Casaril in France. 
11) Barbara Bach: American actress Barbara Bach, who starred in the Bond film 'The Spy Who Loved Me', and married Beatles drummer Ringo Starr in 1981, circa 1977. 
12) Ursula Andress: Swiss actress Ursula Andress in a white dress, 1967.