25 Sep 2019


We are thrilled to introduce Alexandra's latest collaboration with amazing British painter Tom Hammick. Together they have collaborated to create an exquisitely made marquetry backgammon set. A limited edition artwork, a game, and a conversation piece. Expertly made by master craftsmen across the UK.

British artist Tom Hammick (b.1963) has described landscape in his work as a metaphor  to explore an "imaginary and mythological dreamscape." Drawing from a wide range of sources, from Japanese woodblock prints to Northern European Romantic painting and contemporary cinema, Hammick's depictions of isolated human dwellings grounded in uncanny dream-like settings summon the uneasy atmosphere of a psychologically-charged thriller, or a dystopian suburban nightmare.

Alexandra has translated some of Hammick's best known prints into the world's oldest recorded board game. This collaboration resulted from endless conversations between the artist and the designer about the process of creativity and their shared love of materials. They quickly became excited about the similarities between Hammick's grainy woodcuts, and Alexandra's favourite technique of marque­try. Art and games bring people together, and Hammick and Llewellyn set out to create a work that will inspire conversation and bring people together over games for generations to come.

Limited to an Artist's proof and an edition of 3 sets, each piece will be signed and numbered by the artist and the designer.

As Alexandra says, I am forever inspired by how games bring us together and the conversations that ensue. Time is now our greatest luxury and games create a space in which we can enjoy time with our loved ones.